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Though I am completely without formal training in the visual arts (being told to draw a pile of junk in the middle of the classroom in seventh grade does not count as training), I still enjoy drawing and painting, and I always have. In particular, I enjoy doing comic/graphic novel-style work. I know I have a long way to go in terms of technique, but I feel I've vastly improved in the last several years and do have pieces of which I'm proud.
I do take commissions. If you are interested, contact me at doppelgriff press at gmail dot com.

Dies Personae - A full-length graphic novel dealing with the September 11th terrorist attacks. The characters of this story are all the personifications of days of the year, which explains the fake Latin title. 2002-2003.
Das Lied von der Erde - An illustrated adaptation of Gustav Mahler's song cycle-symphony. 2005.
Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen - An illustrated adaptation of Gustav Mahler's first major song cycle. 2006.
Dumb Musician Humor - Various doodles related to classical music, mostly featuring composers. Ongoing since about 2000.
Das Lied von dem Todesmaedchen - Literally "The Song of the Death Maiden," this is a fan-story of Neil Gaiman's brilliant Sandman series of graphic novels. It features Mahler, of course. 2004.
Concert Posters - Advertisement posters for various concerts, mostly for Carnegie Mellon ensembles. 2004 and onward.
Miscellaneous - Pictures that don't fit into the other categories but I thought were decent enough to post anyway.