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In the Mtsensk District, everything is specified. There is a correct way of doing everything, and anything outside that specification is met with punishment. Anything, from financial to social to artistic. Does Song Compose Heroes? is the story of one composer within the District who struggles to uphold his artistic freedom through oppression and depression. His story is relevant to any creative spirit who has ever encountered setbacks in the pursuit of expression.

Does Song Compose Heroes? is J.C. Lozos' first novel. It is an allegory based around the events that happened to composer Dmitri Shostakovich under Stalin's rule. It was written over a span of four and a half months in 2000, and was first printed in DSCH Journal in 2001. The current edition was released in August of 2004, but the work is still in the publishing process, and should be available via a major publisher in the future. Price is US $9.95 plus shipping.

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