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I have been seriously composing since I was fifteen years old, though I have some incredibly unfinished attempts at pieces from when I was as young as seven. I am currently working toward a bachelor's degree in composition at Carnegie Mellon University, taking private lessons with Nancy Galbraith. For those of you worried about that goshdarned terrible modern music, my music is mostly tonal and melodic, though the music I write outside of class is moreso than the works I write for lessons. My two biggest influences are Shostakovich and Mahler, though Hindemith is up there as well.
The following is a list of my completed works. The ones with links for titles link to recordings, though some of the recordings are very low-fidelity. If anyone is interested in performing any of these works, email me at doppelgriffpress at gmail dot com.

  1. String Quartet No.1, "Chancellorsville" (2001)
  2. Songs of Redwall, for mezzo-soprano and string quartet, text by Brian Jacques (2001)
    1. Introduction
    2. The Warrior of Redwall
    3. When Night Meets Day
    4. Grath's Lullabye
    5. Dotti's Sea Shanty
    6. Six in One Fight
    7. The Likkle Dormouse Song
    8. The Rhyme Beneath the Tapestry
  3. Two Scenes from William Saroyan's Subway Circus (2001)
  4. Elegy in Memory of Harold A. Cheilek, for string quartet (2001)
  5. String Quartet No. 2, "September 11th" (2002)
  6. Woodwind Quintet (2002)
  7. 91102, song on my own text for medium voice and piano (2002)
  8. Trio for Viola, Cello, and Piano (2003)
  9. Two Civil War Songs for tenor and piano, to my own texts (2003)
    • Salient
    • I Saw You on the Front Line, Brother
  10. Movement for Solo Clarinet (2003)
  11. Rose of Old Redwall, song for soprano, flute, and viola to a text by Brian Jacques (2003)
  12. 10048, impression for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and string quartet (2004)
  13. Violin Concerto (2004)
  14. Sonata for Viola (or English Horn) and Piano (2005)
    1. Breit - Massig aber energisch
    2. Recitativ: Langsam und frei
    3. Schnell, Ungewoehnlich
  15. The Enemies of Music, cycle for medium voice and chamber orchestra to texts by mean music critics (2005)
    1. Directions for Composing a Wagner Overture
    2. Modern Opera
    3. The Commandments of Conservatoire Catechism
    4. A Modern Symphonie
    5. The Rite of Spring
  16. The Siege, full orchestral piece based on a Civil War song (2005)
  17. String Quartet No. 3, "Guds Spelemän", with an alto voice singing a Swedish text by Nils Ferlin in the third movement (2006)
  18. Three Songs from John Brown's Body, for tenor and piano, text by Stephen Vincent Benet (2006)